Tuesday, March 3, 2015

MARCH 4, 2015

Bernanke Wants US Prez To be Able To Declare Economic Emergency
The Breakdown Of US - Israeli Relations - folks, this is just THEATER!
Why Obama Wasn't There For Netnyahu's Speech
Financial Collapse and WAR
Water Wars - remember that water is a renewable resource, contrary to what they want you to believe
Controlled Internet and What You Can Expect
Large Hadron Collider Coming Back
Migrants To Increase Britain's Population
Dr. Spock's Vulcan Sign Is Satanic
Paul Craig Roberts On WWIII
What Is It With Zombies?
Greece and Austerity
    Vatic Note:   Good for the Greeks.  What this truly "for the people" elected official has done was set the banking cabal back on its ear.  I love it.  The Cabal is truly up against it now.   We will see how they react to what they are doing, and that will notify us of what we must do to prepare. 
Wow, WV Allows Conceal Carry Without a Permit

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