Thursday, March 12, 2015

MARCH 13, 2015

2 Banks Fail Stress Test
What Will They Find Inside the Hadron Collider
Retail Sales Plummet
Mind Control Theories and Techniques Used By Mass Media
     Vatic Note:  As we continually say, this is not a fast food, junk information site, its an educational site and thus requires a serious effort to read, understand and learn about the subject at hand.   This is just one such blog.  Its the most comprehensive treatment of the subject I have found yet to date and is a must read, even if you have to reread it as I have done, to make sure you don't miss anything and you truly understand what we are dealing with here and what we are up against.
Is It Time To Prepare For War?
The West's Plan To Drop From SWIFT Backfires
Russia Will Respond To NATO Buildup
Russians Don't Want War
NATO Is Doing the Empire Building, Not Russia
313 Pages of Internet Order
Test Tube Chicken
Guess What Happened The Last Two Times The S&P 500 Was Over 200% In Six Years

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

MARCH 12, 2015

Fast Food Giants Losing Money
Don't Trust Your Phone
NSA Has Taken Over the Net
Iran Letter Raises Talk of Treason
Canadian Security Bill
JP Morgan Silver Fraud
Big Banks and Stress Test
Euro Plunge
Last Great Dollar Run and the Death of the Euro
"Start Killing Russians" From Fox Analyst
US Sending and Armored Humvees to Ukraine
Madame Rothschild - Paris Attacks
    Vatic Note:  I found this very interesting and since it was done so recently, I decided to put it up.  Another false flag, but this time in France.  I guess the zionist bankers miss Zorkozy as President, since he clearly and obviously worked for them.  Ironically, he and Obama who also worked for the bankers, could not stand each other, so one of them had to go.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

MARCH 11, 2015

Police Brutality - Dividing Blacks and Whites
SC National Guards Drills Door to Door Wellness Check
Brit Cop Wants to Put CCTVs In All Homes
Victims Of Torture Want Reparations
The Last Great Run For the US Dollar
7 Signs That a Stock Market Peak Is Happening Right Now
Nearly At Full Employment? 10 Reasons Why the Unemployment Numbers Are a Massive Lie
The America You Believe You Live In
Naked? Acting Weird? On Site Execution From Cops
The US Constitution Comes to the Rescue
    Vatic Note:  This author is not being completely honest.   He is blaming all of this on politician giving hand outs to their constitutents, but when you look at the expenditures,  ITS ALL THESE WARS THAT HAVE GONE ON PERPETUALLY SINCE 9-11.  Those benefiting are the Rothschild khazar zionist bankers who have made trillions off of war, and we lose our children and spouses while they luxuriate in various whorehouses, and eat better than the rest of the world ever will, AND THAT'S IF WE LET THEM CONTINUE DOWN THIS PATH.
How US Attempt To Create EU-Russia Rift Backfired 
Dutch Schools Stop Jewish Holocaust Hoax Indoctrination 
Male Circumcision Barbaric  
Alleged Jew Soap Up For Auction 
 Foreclosures Up Again
Tax Refund taken To Pay Student Loans 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

MARCH 4, 2015

Bernanke Wants US Prez To be Able To Declare Economic Emergency
The Breakdown Of US - Israeli Relations - folks, this is just THEATER!
Why Obama Wasn't There For Netnyahu's Speech
Financial Collapse and WAR
Water Wars - remember that water is a renewable resource, contrary to what they want you to believe
Controlled Internet and What You Can Expect
Large Hadron Collider Coming Back
Migrants To Increase Britain's Population
Dr. Spock's Vulcan Sign Is Satanic
Paul Craig Roberts On WWIII
What Is It With Zombies?
Greece and Austerity
    Vatic Note:   Good for the Greeks.  What this truly "for the people" elected official has done was set the banking cabal back on its ear.  I love it.  The Cabal is truly up against it now.   We will see how they react to what they are doing, and that will notify us of what we must do to prepare. 
Wow, WV Allows Conceal Carry Without a Permit

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

FEBRUARY 25, 2015

Net Neutrality
US Military Can Not Defend America
Going Non-GMO
Giant Skeleton Found Under Missouri City
Vaccine Vs. Virus
Hyperinflationary Spiral
Taps Run Dry in Brazil
Purina's Dog Company, Because Beneful May Be Poisoning Dogs (DUH), Embroiled in Law Suit
US Vets - Please Don't Thank Them
14 Signs That Most Americans Are Flat Broke and Totally Unprepared For the Coming Economic Collapse
Janet Yellen's Message to America
Flag Collector Flies Waffen SS Flag - haha
Israel Cries to the UN
Right to Farm Being stripped From Americans
    Vatic Note:   Notice how this matches with what this cabal is doing to the Chinese,  not only the food supply is affected, but the culture as well.  Same here.
If you control the food and water supply, you control the population and the resulting culture.  MAYBE.   At least that is what they are counting on. 

Genetically Modified Rice
     Vatic Note:   I believe the Chinese on this issue since they have forbidden GMO in China.  Our DNA is repaired by the RNA it sends out when damage is done, so the question is "Will the GMO impact on our RNA, somehow change,  or  damage our DNA, since it carries the blue print of our bodies at its best condition and guides all repairs according to the original blueprint."
Who Lived On Earth 12,500 Years Ago   
Vatic Note:  This was truly fascinating.  I keep saying this..... "Its amazing what we have never known, but now we are beginning to know."   I am discovering that all this insanity done by these insane pond scum, has opened doors I never knew existed, so out of evil has come more than good,  but totally unknown history going back as far as 12,500 years ago 

Monday, February 23, 2015

FEBRUARY 24, 2015

More Financial Distress
Dr. Jim Willie's Newest Info
Russia Helping Iran
Dolls That Talk to Your Kids and Watches Them - creeepy
Imagine That ... Netanyahu Lied About Iran
Roundup Triggers Autism
GMO Propaganda
New Leak at Fukushima
Sex Education Hidden Agenda
    Vatic Note:  this is a perfect indication of just how bad this all is right now.  Notice the so called "teacher" is playing with and demonstrating on how to handle a penis???  This is in front of children barely the age of reason.  They are probably 12 or younger.
This is way too early in their maturation for this to be taking place and if she is a degreed teacher than she knows this.   This is totally obscene and that teacher should be ashamed of herself for cooperating in such an uncalled for role as a teacher.  She isn't even questioning "why" this has been given to her as an assignment for teaching these kids.  

Russian TV Documentary on Positive Alliance Destruction of Underground Bases!   

     Vatic Note:   Well, there are several ways we can see this or think about it.  First, this is true and we are in good sted and well on our way to prevailing.  Second, this is disinformation as they stated in the protocols,  that says "good News", gets us all hyped up and positive, and then they crash us with the bad news.

Ron Paul: US Backing Away From Washington

Middle Class America Is Shrinking

Forced Adult Vaccination 

US Meddling Led To Ukraine Problems

Bankers Don't Want Audit the Fed

Computer Decides If You Will Receive Healthcare



Friday, February 20, 2015

FEBRUARY 21, 2015

DOW Up Again
Net Neutrality Investigation
Screwed Up ObamaCare Tax Forms
Another Virus Via a Tick
The Megabanks Are Ready To Crumble: Are You Prepared
Hyperinflation To Hit In 2015
Jim Willie: China Behind US Port Shutdown
Total Currency War?
US Economy Is Dead
It's Germany vs. Greece
Israel Refuses To Repay Iran For Its Share of the Cost of a Pipeline
   Vatic Note:   Now this was truly very very interesting.   Is this the explanation for all the attacks and threats against Iran by Israel???  Apparently Iran has Israel by the short hairs in a European court of law.  Netanyahu is trying to cover the story up saying that it would affect national security. 
Robots to Be In Japanese Homes 
Edible Landscaping 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

FEBRUARY 20, 2015

Secession Happening?
Greek Bank Runs
NATO and Moscow Not Playing Well
Islam a Part of US Since Founding? Really??? - more LIES
Ted Cruz On Obama and Islam
  Ted Cruz NEOCON - connect the dots
Lame-Stream Media Lies While the World Faces the Most Dangerous Times In History
How about a Little Global Warming...As the Siberian Express Targets the US
Collapse According to a Survivor
Another Banker 'Suicide'
    Vatic Note:   Here is my question.... were any of these bankers that died by unnatural causes,  khazar zionists?   Were they all Goyim?  Were they a mix?  What is so noticeable is the timing of these deaths, they are so close together, some or most are day after day, and sometimes,  several in the same day.  That is all 71 of them, dispite the cause of death, which triggers questions as to the massive coincidence of those dates and the fact they were all bankers of some kind and NONE OF THE DEATHS WERE NATURAL CAUSES. 
And We Have Even More Dollar-Devaluation
Global Death Cross - Whoa!
Obama's Fake War on Islam That WE Pay For
Where Is the Outrage for This Man???? Cops Kill and Are Not Punished
Bitcoin or Darpa Coin

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

FEBRUARY 18, 2015

Amnesty Blocked
Valentine's Vacation: Obama Spending OUR Money Again
.223 Ammo To Be Outlawed
Dr. Jim Willie On The Economy
What Parents Need to Know About Vaccines
Cosco Taking Apart Ships As BDI Hits Record Low
Greece and the Global Economy
Russia Has Gone SWIFT
Border Patrol Ordered To Let Illegal Drunk Drivers Go
Greece Rejects Bailout
Price of Oil - What to Expect
Breaking Alert: Obama Orders DHS To Begin Arrests of Dissidents
    Vatic Note:  Of course he is going to use Dept of Homeland Security, since it is controlled and run by the khazar  banker zionists.  This is the International Bankers move to bring down the USA for WW III, just like they did in WW II, and in WW I, by destroying the economic powerhouses of the day.... Russia and Germany and now the USA.   They will automatically be in violation of our 4th and 5th amendments which then gives us license to respond in kind.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

FEBRUARY 13, 2015

Patients With Measles Test Positive to Vaccine Strain
Four Day Shipping Shut Down
WTH? Human-Cow Hybrids!
Large Shipping Company Leaves Portland
Children Describe Satanic Ritual Abuse
    Vatic Note:  WARNING:   if you watch this video with these children, be prepared to be horrified at what they tell us.  Its beyond anything we have ever experienced before.   THIS IS OUR NEW WORLD ORDER.  We can reclaim these children at this point, but how many are around that have not been caught and reclaimed and what does that do to their adulthood?  They then turn out like their father, who has no conscience, moral core, or humanity.
Transhumanists Admit They Want To Be Rid of God-Created People
$300 License To Start A Blog If You Are In Philadelphia
Greece and International Banking Related to Dead DC Lawyer
Two More Financial Harbingers
Shocker: Obama Amnesty Has loop Holes Which Allow Illegals To Vote
Oops...Sweden Cuts Rates Below Zero
Central Khazar Banksters Are Grabbing the Gold
 50 Shades IS About Pedophilia

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

FEBRUARY 12, 2015

"Radical brownies" Selling Social Justice - Sounds Like a Soros-Funded Idea
Control of the Net AGAIN
Brazilians Preparing for Bad Times
Putin Threatens to Spill the Beans on 911
Food Stamps 46,000,000 for 39 Straight Months - there's your soup/bread lines - but don't worry, the economy is doing great!
The Ebola LIE - PDF
Ebola's Real Reason
    Vatic Note:   This is up because they are beginning to make "EBOLA" noises again and I felt we needed a deep analysis refresher of what happened last time the "CDC PATENTED EBOLA VIRUS" showed up.
This below assumes  you know who is running our government and who is behind all false flags that attack the goyim.   If you don't know, then read and watch this below, and then research for yourself.  Jim Stone, as  usual, does a good job with this. 

Greek Deal Flops
US Confrontation with Russia and China?
Oil Limits

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

FEBRUARY 11, 2015

What Will Happen If Greece Exits?
Where Will Greece Align - Russia or Europe
Shipping Oops!
Russian Payback to the Sauds For Oil Collapse
Giving Adults the Measles On Purpose
Vaccines Cause Autism Says Italy - Won't Hear It Here In Our Lame-Stream News
Some Are Flocking to Putin Such As France
Guess What Happened the Last Time the US Dollar Skyrocketed In Value Like This?
The Black Knight Satellite
    Vatic Note:   This is up for historical reasons.   Its amazing just how far back this goes and the advancements we have made since then.   We had not even gone into space when this happened.  Kennedy was not President yet.  I felt this would be a good read given the other blog I put up about UFO's and alien life on other worlds.   This is an early historical record of such events that prove their existance.  
Ancient Sex Cults Sites Found In Israel
Record Numbers Giving Up Citizens

Thursday, February 5, 2015

FEBRUARY 6, 2015

44% of US Adults Are Employed For More Than 30 Hours Per Week
Shipping Shutdown LOOMS
Greek Situation Unfolding
Chinese Rating Agency Pointing Fingers At US Printing Press
Merkel and Hollande To Russia
Greece and Worldwide Chaos
Vaccine Hysteria
We Will Pay to Arm Poroshenko In His Genocidal Glee
Christians - You have Been Duped By the Zionists
The "Jewish Conspiracy Is British Imperialism   
Vatic Note:   We have been saying this all along, but probably for different reasons.   I agree with Henry that modern history does reflect a massive long term conspiracy dating back thousands of years. But what this exposes is something I did not know until this article..... that Teddy Roosevelt was the US President when the "City of London" assumed control of America.  Raise your hand if you knew this?
Obama Wants to Kick the Veterans AGAIN

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

FEBRUARY 5, 2015

BDI Down to 29 Year Lows
Clone Robot - Grrrrr
Europe In Chaos
Greg Mannarino - CRITICAL ALERT
Smart Dust
ECB and Greece
Underground City In Kansas Mine
DU In Iraq
    Vatic Note: This is an incredible perspective and a shock to most of us. Israel and their minions occupying our nations capital are intentionally destroying our military so that we will absolutely lose WW III.  We discovered some years ago, that was the plan. All leaders of both sides of the bogus conflict are in on it, as was the case in WW II,  but we are not suppose to be privy to that plan.  After reading this, it will become clear that we better damn well take control back of this country or they will succeed in their agenda.  We MUST demand that both UK and the USA clean up the DU that they have used and clean it up everywhere it shows up. 
Ruling In Canada - Private Central Banking 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

FEBRUARY 4, 2015

They Say Unemployment is 5.6% HA
  REAL Unemployment Stats
SS Officer From WWII To Face Charges 
     ALL BASED ON LIES - A MUST READ FOR REAL HISTORY "The Myth of German Villainy"
CERN Collider Firing Up Again and You Can Bet It Isn't a Good Thing
The RAPE of the People Via Taxes
    At the Expense of the Poorest
Richard Russell On Economic Chaos
Quarantine At Gunpoint If Not Vaccinated
Conspiracy Theories We Have Bantered about Prove CORRECT - OIL
What CEOs Say Regarding the Dollar Rise
Iraq and What Is Really Going From Our Soldier's Point of View
    Vatic Note: We need to truly watch this video below and listen to these soldiers, especially if we truly want to know what we are really doing in Iraq and to Iraqi civilians and finally to our soldiers who are committing suicide in record numbers. What I am finding out, is that we are being lied to about the number of dead and wounded and permanently maimed soldiers from all these bogus globalizing wars.  
Is the Free Ride To End?

Monday, February 2, 2015

FEBRUARY 3, 2015

Wondering Where All the Jobs Have Gone? Try 5.5 Million In Work Permits for Illegals
Transgender Illegals Get Hormone Therapy On Our Dime
December Consumer Crash - Bad News
Teens Can't Shovel Snow For a Bit of Cash Anymore in Commie America
Central Banks and Their Shenanigans
White House May Send Arms to Deter Russia
Economic Drama Coming Our Way?
US Leaves Dirty Little Fingerprints 
Zionist Failed to Recruit Ghandi
    Vatic Note:  If the "real Jews" were running Palestine or Israel, I would agree with this author, but they aren't.   Its the khazars who have not one ounce of Jewish blood in them.  And they are pagan/Satanists by religious practices.  Just read their constantly revised Talmud.  There entire purpose for wanting Palestine was to provide a base for taking over the globe for their King, Rothschild, who is a khazar.  There is nothing Jewish about him in any way. 
Australia Cuts Rates - Watch Out