Tuesday, March 10, 2015

MARCH 11, 2015

Police Brutality - Dividing Blacks and Whites
SC National Guards Drills Door to Door Wellness Check
Brit Cop Wants to Put CCTVs In All Homes
Victims Of Torture Want Reparations
The Last Great Run For the US Dollar
7 Signs That a Stock Market Peak Is Happening Right Now
Nearly At Full Employment? 10 Reasons Why the Unemployment Numbers Are a Massive Lie
The America You Believe You Live In
Naked? Acting Weird? On Site Execution From Cops
The US Constitution Comes to the Rescue
    Vatic Note:  This author is not being completely honest.   He is blaming all of this on politician giving hand outs to their constitutents, but when you look at the expenditures,  ITS ALL THESE WARS THAT HAVE GONE ON PERPETUALLY SINCE 9-11.  Those benefiting are the Rothschild khazar zionist bankers who have made trillions off of war, and we lose our children and spouses while they luxuriate in various whorehouses, and eat better than the rest of the world ever will, AND THAT'S IF WE LET THEM CONTINUE DOWN THIS PATH.
How US Attempt To Create EU-Russia Rift Backfired 
Dutch Schools Stop Jewish Holocaust Hoax Indoctrination 
Male Circumcision Barbaric  
Alleged Jew Soap Up For Auction 
 Foreclosures Up Again
Tax Refund taken To Pay Student Loans 

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