Thursday, March 12, 2015

MARCH 13, 2015

2 Banks Fail Stress Test
What Will They Find Inside the Hadron Collider
Retail Sales Plummet
Mind Control Theories and Techniques Used By Mass Media
     Vatic Note:  As we continually say, this is not a fast food, junk information site, its an educational site and thus requires a serious effort to read, understand and learn about the subject at hand.   This is just one such blog.  Its the most comprehensive treatment of the subject I have found yet to date and is a must read, even if you have to reread it as I have done, to make sure you don't miss anything and you truly understand what we are dealing with here and what we are up against.
Is It Time To Prepare For War?
The West's Plan To Drop From SWIFT Backfires
Russia Will Respond To NATO Buildup
Russians Don't Want War
NATO Is Doing the Empire Building, Not Russia
313 Pages of Internet Order
Test Tube Chicken
Guess What Happened The Last Two Times The S&P 500 Was Over 200% In Six Years

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